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    Here's a short list of rules to follow when on our server, discord, or community forums:

    1. No cheating or using unauthorized mods or clients.
    2. No exploiting bugs or glitches - you must notify staff.
    3. Do not lie, harass, or disrespect the staff.
    4. Do not use racist or sexist remarks.
    5. No spamming.
    6. Do not link or post pornography, screamers, or generally NSFW content.
    7. Do not threaten staff or players with DDoS, swatting, or releasing personal information.
    8. Do not use alternative accounts, VPNs, proxies, or other ban evasion methods.
    9. No purposely creating lag or trying to disrupt the server for other players.
    10. Use common sense and don't be toxic or you will be removed.

    Staff members always have the final say in punishments - just because something isn't explicitly listed does not mean you will get a pass.
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