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    Username: FrostDragon00

    Age: 19

    Timezone: Central Standard Time

    Have you ever been banned:
    Two-Week Ban - Reason: Exploiting

    Do you have a mic to communicate via voice chat: Yes

    Do you understand the rules:
    I understand the rules of the server and the purpose they play in not just the structure of the server, but also in creating an environment that promotes the community behind it.

    How would you support our staff team and server. Is there anything in particular that you believe you can help improve:
    I believe I would be abler to assist with the development of the server, and would be able to resolve issues that occur within the server. I believe that I could help to be an active staff member of the server and assist the community in any number of aspects. Whether this be by: hosting events, helping to develop, assisting new players, or any number of tasks.

    Why have you decided to apply:
    The reason why I have decided to apply for a staff position for the Killion server is because I genuinely want to help the Killion community however I can. I started playing this server all the way back in 2013 and it was one of my favorite experiences from my childhood. I still find myself having the moments I had all those years ago. Through this server I was able to make so many friends and some of those I still have today. I see that the server is stagnating, and I understand that the staff currently have much going on in their personal lives. I want to see this server succeed and become what I once knew before. I want to give back to this community because it has been such a big influence in my own life. I hope I could have a chance to help.
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    Sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time. Please re-submit your ticket during our operating hours 8 AM - 4 PM Monday - Wednesday. We have deducted $25,000 from your in-game account balance to protect ourselves from scams.

    See you soon,


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