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    Edit 11/22/2019: Refunds are currently 80% on the fields. Do not use /ps take

    Premium members have 1 can place down 1 extra field.

    We are currently gathering feedback for field changes:

    Clan Territory Marker - Quartz Block
    Used for marking clan territory areas. This is your main stone to mark where your clan base is going to be. A clan marker stone MUST be placed down to use clan protection stones. This stone DOES NOT PROTECT BLOCKS. The only protection this stone offers is flow protection (i.e. water, lava). The territory marker must be placed down by a leader, and is limited to one (1) per guild.
    Limit: 1 per clan
    Size: 125x125x256 (bedrock to sky limit).
    Price: FREE

    Clan Protection Stones
    Clan protection stones are a new type of stone limited to clan territories. To use them, you must be part of a clan. If, for any reason, should you become a free agent, your stones will be removed and refunded upon your next log out. These stones offer a few perks:
    Larger build volumes
    Use protection on various objects (buttons, levers, fence gates, pressure plates, etc.).
    Inventory access protection; however, inventory blocks: chests, hoppers, brewing stands, etc may now be broken within these stones.

    Clan Protection Tier I - Yellow Stained Clay
    Limit: [2, 3]
    Size: 15x15x11 (2475 blocks)
    Price: $310,000
    Clan Protection Tier II - Orange Stained Clay
    Limit: [2, 3]
    Size: 19x19x11 (3970 blocks)
    Price: $500,000
    Clan Protection Tier III - Red Stained Clay
    Limit: [2, 3]
    Size: 25x25x11 (6875 blocks)
    Price: $860,000
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